Practice Positive: Summer in the City

Why flee to some other hot spot when there’s so much to do at home, writes Reporter columnist Dawn Carson.

Lately I have been asked where I’m going this summer. I get the question all the time. My answer is always the same. I like to stay close to home during the summer. We have such great weather this time of year that I never feel the need to escape. I’d rather leave my travelling for the fall months when it’s rainy.

There is so much to do close to home during the summer. You can find something to do that fits any budget. There are free things to do all the time such as local festivals and swimming in the ocean and lakes. You can find campgrounds at reasonable rates too.

There are open air events such as live plays, concerts, parades and yoga on the beach. You can take in the Celebration of Light, grab some great food at the popular Richmond and Surrey night markets or peruse the vendors at local farmers markets.

All manner of summer sports are available such as paddleboarding, skimboarding, kayaking, and canoeing. You can grab some friends and a Bocce set, croquet or badminton and play at the local park.

Host a BBQ at the beach or at your house. Make it a potluck and taste all your friends’ cooking. The possibilities for fun around town are endless. So have a stay-cation instead of fleeing to some other hot spot. Where you are right now is one of the best places on Earth. I for one am making the most of this fabulous weather by experiencing everything I can right here at home.

– Dawn Carson is a Cloverdale author and public speaker. Follow her on Twitter @Dawn_Carson, or visit her website at

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