PERSONAL BEST: Anticipating spring

Just because we are old doesn’t mean we are comatose or have lost our sense of adventure.

Just because we are old doesn’t mean we are comatose or have lost our sense of adventure.

This spring-like weather we are experiencing has consequences though as many or us attempt to recapture some of those old feelings of anticipation and excitement that we felt in the spring of our youth.

My particular pathway leads in two directions. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano and a Christmas ago, my kids sprung for a giant multifaceted keyboard as a present. And for some misguided reason, I thought I could just sit down and play, or it would, at least, be easy to learn. It wasn’t, LOL. So I sat and fiddled with the keyboard for a year before deciding that I needed lessons.

When I was a girl, in the olden days, my mom insisted I take piano lessons and even bought a small piano at great sacrifice, so I could accomplish her dream of me becoming a concert pianist.

Alas, I remember nothing of those lessons. Again LOL. Well, I finally found my teacher, Leanne, who will be coming for a lesson next week. So that is another thing on my spring-forward list coming along. I’ll let you know how that works out next time

Also, as a young woman, I fell in love with painting and did a few lessons and continued to paint for a short while. However, life got in the way and I exchanged my paints for babies, bottles and diapers. I still wanted to paint, though, and last week at the ripe old age of 79, I had my first lesson in more than 50 years at Nadine’s Fine Art gallery, encouraged by my friend, Jean, who also attends.

It was a great afternoon and although I had some misgivings about my abilities as an artist, Nadine made it fun and a very rewarding experience.

She offers many different classes at various times but the classes in oil paint, I attended, run for six weeks and are well attended with all sorts of budding artists at varied skill levels with a common goal to have fun while creating art. Her next series of Thursday classes start March 12, but she has many different classes and is flexible around times and bookings.  You can reach her at 250 542-8544.

Whatever your dream is, it is worth exploring, no matter your age or physical limitation. Whether you are successful or not is not important. The reward is in the journey and the excitement of the moment of anticipation. Enjoy! As my old Irish grandma used to say, “You’re a long time dead!”

Also, some good news around the breathing exercises classes, also known as Yoga in a Chair, that had been previously held at the People Place. Melissa Rinvold has thankfully decided to carry on and has secured new space at the Halina Centre starting in March on the 16th and 30th from 1 to 2 p.m. Check for dates in April and May and starting in June, classes will be held every Monday except for official holidays.

She continues also with her Friday classes at Schubert Centre at 10 a.m. These beneficial breathing yoga classes are by donation which makes them available to all.

Also, Library at Your Door, a community service, has room for a couple of more folks to be part of the pilot project.

This project provides library service through a partnership with Nexus Seniors Services and our local library that will help seniors with mobility issues keep using library services. Volunteers will pick up and deliver books, movies or music CDs, if you are unable to do yourself. Call Jennifer Guscott, senior services co-ordinator, at 250 545-0585 if you need this service.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail; or call 250 545-7928. Also thank you to all my callers or writers for getting in touch. My gratitude for your appreciation and your stories, which are always fascinating.


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