McGravey family attends Little People Convention

Having a little person for a daughter has been a learning experience for the McGravey family

Having a little person for a daughter has been a learning experience for the McGravey family, and they have made a number of trips to the U.S. to extend their knowledge and experience.

The family has attended the ‘Little People of America’ Convention in the United States, as well as visited the Roloff Farm near Hillsboro, Oregon.

The Farm is best known for the TV show ‘Little People Big World’; a reality series, the first to focus on a family comprised of both little and average sized members.

The September visit at the Roloff Farm was great fun for Reine, and her brother Ryder, said their mom, “We enjoyed our trip to the Farm, It was great to see the place in person and get to say thank you.  The show was our first introduction into the dwarfism community and did a lot to ease our initial anxiety about raising an L.P. daughter.”

In July 2010 the McGravey’s took part in the annual Little People Of America (LPA) Convention held in Anaheim, California.  It is an annual event and rotates the area it is held in every year.

We spent five days at the convention,” said Lynn McGravey,  “It gave us time to socialize with little people and their families, and take part in workshops that are offered to parents on many different topics during the time we’re there. It was crazy, so many people so much to see and do.  The neatest thing was to sit in the lobby, seeing all the different people. After a while we did not even see the differences any more, they were just people. Attending the convention gave my husband Bob, and myself, a broader perspective on dwarfism.  It was interesting and informative for us as parents of a short statured daughter.”

The LPA is a national non-profit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families.  LPA has more than 6,000 members across the United States and Internationally.






















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