Love pizza? Love this day!

Why not make yourself a home-made pizza to celebrate Pizza Pie Day, which is on Feb. 9

Pizza. Mmmm, I love pizza; just about any flavour, as long as it includes pineapple, and lots and lots of cheese.

Variations of pizza have been around for ages; the ancient Greeks covered their bread with oils, herbs and cheese, while the Romans topped a sheet of dough with cheese and honey and bay leaves.

The modern pizza originated in Italy as the Neapolitan flatbread.

Of course, today there are all sorts of pizzas, not just the traditional, hot out of the oven type.

You can have an ice-cream pizza, for instance. Graham cracker or brownie crust , raspberry puree or whipped cream as the sauce, and all sorts of different flavours of ice-cream or other toppings to create the visual look of pizza.

Quiches can be made to ‘look’ like pizzas, as can cookies and all sorts of other dishes. All it requires is a bit of imagination and a good variety of items available in your kitchen for the toppings.

Personally, I always add things to a store-bought frozen pizza… they never seem to have enough toppings (or cheese) for my taste. But the best way to enjoy a pizza is to make a home-made pizza.

The dough is the only tricky part, but you can always cheat by getting a pre-made pizza crust from your local grocery store. Add your sauce and a little cheese; then start adding some of the toppings. Because I like a really cheesy pizza, I would add a little cheese after each item that goes on.

In my opinion, a properly made pizza should have at least as much toppings as crust – when measured in inches.

Why not make yourself a home-made pizza to celebrate Pizza Pie Day, which is on Feb. 9.



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