Janice Lenius whips ups products for her Cherryville-based company, Earth Elements Farm Products, which are  handmade, and GMO-free.

Janice Lenius whips ups products for her Cherryville-based company, Earth Elements Farm Products, which are handmade, and GMO-free.

Inspired by her grandmother

Janice Lenius brings her handcrafted candles and other products to the Okanagan Artisans Show & Sale Nov. 23 and 24

Visits to Grandma’s house were an illuminating time for Janice Lenius, as a little girl growing up in Lumby. Her grandma was a great lover of candles, and to enter her home was to walk into a fragrant and glowing haven of candlelight.

“My grandma always had at least one candle going, no matter what time of the day or year,” said Lenius, creator of Earth Elements Farm Products. “She treated them as friends, cleaning them, and keeping the wax even. There was usually a candle burning in each corner of the room.”

The candles always intrigued Lenius, and the memory stayed with her.

“I didn’t realize what a spiritual practice this was until after she had passed away. It made me think about how to make a better candle.”

Now living in Cherryville, Lenius is the mother of five young children. She was looking for a sideline to occupy her while her husband was at work. After a time of contemplation, research and experimentation, she created her first handmade soy candle.

“I am a huge fan of beeswax, but I wanted an alternative which would give me more scope for including other ingredients. I had found information at the Cherryville Farmers’ Market which clued me into the importance of using products that have not been genetically-modified; and also learned that people were really wanting items like candles and lip balms, that are GM-free.”

Responding to the demand in the marketplace, in 2009 Lenius launched Earth Elements Farm Products.

“We later added different soy body products as we grew to understand what people were really looking for. Earth Elements is now a company supplying all types of retailers across Canada.”

Earlier in 2012, Earth Elements launched Lenius’ dynamic new creation, Potion Tattoo Aftercare.

“Potion is every bit a reflection of my beliefs, my lifestyle and my personality; all good and a little bit bad ass!

“Made with unrefined, organic, preservative-free ingredients, we are proud to offer an artisan-designed, balanced alternative to common tattoo aftercare products.”

Potion is being marketed internationally, and is sponsor of Raggedy Rollers and Candy Strykers, women’s teams in the Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association.

With business continually growing, Lenius has had to expand her operation.

“We are opening a wonderful new studio in downtown Lumby, this December.

“We needed a bigger facility for manufacturing.  It is a bonus to have a space that will allow us the room to display all of our different collections of candles, and our rainbow of soaps, soy sticks and lotions.

“We also love specialty orders — for weddings, refills, etc.— the new studio will give us room to be super creative!”

Lenius will be showcasing Earth Elements Farm Products in Vernon at the Okanagan Artisans Guild Show & Sale, being held at the Best Western Vernon Lodge on Nov. 23 from noon to 9 p.m. and Nov. 24, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

For more information, please see www.earthelementsfarmproducts.com.

Written by Debbee Werner, artisan and editor/publisher of The Cherryvillan in Cherryville, B.C.

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