Handwriting, still an important skill

Handwriting is still very much a skill that is worth cultivating

While ‘unofficial’, Handwriting Day is a worthwhile day to celebrate.  This year, it lands on Jan. 23.  This date was chosen to celebrate Handwriting Day because it commemorates the birth anniversary of John Hancock – the first person to sign the American Declaration of Independence…. yes, I know, it’s American, but hey – we can celebrate this, too.

Handwriting is almost obsolete these days, what with Ipads and texting and computers.  However, it is a skill that is very worth cultivating and has been very important in years past,  and potentially will be in years to come.

In years past, handwritten diaries have been used to garner information about historical events. In the future – what would you do if there was a major catastrophe that cut you off from the internet?

Or a cyber attack that manages to destroys the internet?  Yikes!  How will you keep a record of what is going on around you?  How will you leave information about what you are planning for your relatives to find?

Knowing how to write things downs – legibly – will suddenly become very important.

How recently have you written something, anything?  With pen (or pencil) and paper?  And NO, your signature doesn’t really count, as most signatures often just look like a squiggle (I know in my signature, the M and H are readable, but not much else of it is).

Why not celebrate this day by writing a letter or note to a friend or family member?  Better yet, why not resolve to not use the computer to write anything for a few days or a week.

Carry a note pad and a pen or pencil with you wherever you go and use them when you need to make a note of something.  Or use post-it notes to leave reminders around the house instead of using your cell phone calendar.

Not very good at writing?  Call Barriere and Area Literacy Outreach, or drop in at the next Barriere Writer’s Group meeting (which will be on Jan. 19 at the Barriere Library, 3 p.m.).


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