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Do you know of any great personalities with recipes to share? Email

Give peas a chance

It was the decade of peace, love, war, tie-dye and, of course, the Beatles.

For John Haviland, the ‘60s also bring flashbacks of an “unsightly, yet tasty” meal his mother would sometimes serve for dinner when in a pinch for time – Creamed Salmon and Peas on Toast.

“My mom has always been a great cook, so this recipe has always been a big joke in our family,” laughs the 58-year-old father of two of the runny retro recipe he used to turn his nose up at as a young child. 

“She made it for dinner one night when my father’s parents came over unannounced – I was just a little guy. I took one look at the peas floating around the plate with salmon and refused to eat it, even though I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until it was gone. When everyone went to bed, I fed it to my dog.”

Despite not giving the comfort dish a chance as a child, Haviland has warmed up to it as an adult.

“I’ll definitely make it now. It’s great for lunch or a quick dinner.”

Haviland, who has been on the board of directors for Sources in White Rock for the past six years, is looking forward to reliving the age of aquarius and bell bottoms outside of the kitchen during the non profit organization’s 16th annual gala at Hazelmere Golf & Country Club on Saturday, March 12.

“This is the most fun you’ll ever have and it’s money that’s well spent,” said Haviland of the flower power event called Flashback To The Sixties.

Proceeds will help assist the more than 13,000 individuals Sources serves each year in Surrey, White Rock, Delta, Prince George and beyond – everyone from infants, children and seniors, to families in crisis as well as those in need of food, shelter or employment.

For tickets, or more information, call 604-531-6226 or visit

Creamed Salmon & Peas on Toast



2 cups of 2 per cent milk

Extra 1/4 cup of 2 per cent milk

1 can of red salmon, drained

1 8 oz can of peas

Salt and pepper to taste

1/4 cup of butter (real butter)

2 tbsp. cornstarch



In a 2-quart saucepan, heat the 2 cups of milk, butter and salt and pepper to a boil. In a separate dish, mix the cornstarch with the extra 1/4 cup of milk. Add the cornstarch and milk slowly to the boiled milk, a little at a time until thickened. Add the salmon and peas and gently mix.

Toast a few slices of white bread and put some of the mixture on top of each slice. Then serve to anyone old enough to have been alive in the ’60’s.


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