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Tips and tricks about the current and upcoming fishing season from a local fishing expert.

  • Mar. 4, 2015 5:00 a.m.
Bob and Chris hold up halibut in the mid 30’s caught west of Sooke last week.

Bob and Chris hold up halibut in the mid 30’s caught west of Sooke last week.

Winter fishing in Sooke has been consistently good for Chinook salmon.  Those trolling deep (80 to 160ft) in front of the Harbour mouth, the Bluffs and  Otter Point trailer park, have been able to find Springs on each outing.

The favourite salmon lures this season seem to be: glow hootchy or squirt, anchovy and herring in any brightly coloured bait head, and the Coho Killer in green and glow. If the action is slow, make sure you are right on the bottom, and maybe extend your trolling pattern to cover more area, most seasoned anglers will switch to bait on all rods, and ensure they stay long enough to fish through a tide change.

Halibut fishing is picking up in the Sooke area; fish were reportedly caught in 100 to 180ft of water.  Most fishers targeting hali are looking for low winds, slower currents with definite tide changes and a good ledge or “hole” to drop the bait off of, or into. Fresh bait is a very important success factor, as is anchoring up your boat for halibut fishing. Best check with someone who is familiar with anchoring for halibut. Crabbing appears to be picking up a little.

Some exciting fishing derbies coming soon! Tickets for the new Sooke Saltwater Series will go on sale  March 12 7p.m. at Buffy’s Pub. There will be draw prizes, including a $150 Series ticket package give away, and sponsor opportunities. The Series includes the three local Sooke derbies – Sooke Halibut Derby-The Sooke Coho Derby-The Boxing Day Derby.

Organizers have tied the derbies together into a points race. The winner will receive a special sponsored championship jacket, of which there will be only one made.  The Just for Halibut Derby is scheduled for April 25/26, the Sooke Saltwater Series Halibut Derby on May 23/24. Time to dust off the gear and get out there for some halibut fishing.   Ron Neitsch 2 Reel Fishing Adventures


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