Butterfield: Scratch that home update winter itch

It’s not practical to redo your spaces each new year, but changing out a few pieces…will get you excited about your interiors once more.

If you have what I call the “winter itch,” right about now you’re jonesing for some freshness, some soul-inspiring ways to infuse your homes with new and uplifting items that will take you out of winter and into the beginning of a totally new season.

This happens every time we shift into a new year, and are wanting to part ways with what carried us aesthetically through the last 12 months.

It’s not practical to redo your spaces each new year, but changing out a few pieces, or adding some much needed spice in smaller does is easy, affordable, and will get you excited about your interiors once more.


An amazing tiled backsplash

Whether you have an existing lackluster splash, or you’re staring at bare drywall above your countertops, putting in a new and eye-catching tiled splash will pump up your kitchen and give you some eye candy to smile at each time you pass by.

If you have the design guts to do it (and your kitchen is needing a hand-up in the impact department), consider a glazed Moroccan pattern, simple yet pearly penny rounds, or a gorgeous rough-cut limestone mosaic for a dramatic makeover.


Updated drapery panels

Sometimes, we get used to what’s been hanging over our windows for years, and lose sight on just how much a drab or dated drapery treatment affects the overall life of a space.

If this rings any bells, it’s time to rip down the swaggy, poufy toppers and wall-to-wall curtains, and lighten up with fresh, clean looking ready-mades that skim the edges of your casings.

Bold Ikat and ogee patterns, naturally texturized sheers, and thickly banded panels that cascade from the ceiling are gracing the pages of design magazines everywhere; some of my favorites come from Canadian company FaAB. Look them up online at faabhomefashions.com


Black & white photography

Art has come and gone in our house…committing to decor long-term is next to impossible, even for me.

But there are two oversized framed black and white photographs I had made up almost eight years ago that get centre stage in our living room, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Graphic, edgy, and monochromatic‚—using black and white photography as staple pieces in your collections will easily carry nearly any design scheme long-term.

A glass knot

This little gem has been a favourite of mine since finding one on a trip to Phoenix last year. The sassy and ‘just because’ vibe it creates gives the glass knot prime real estate on my own shelves and end tables. Set one atop a stack of luxurious coffee table books, or leave it alone to make a sculptural statement.

You’ll fall in love like I have, and likely want to add a few more.

Lexie & Lake, right here in Kelowna, carries a gorgeous line by Sklo, that offers knots of all colours in differing sizes. Perfect for savvy gift givers (wedding season is on the horizon), visit the website zedhome.ca



If your live plants have a limited lifespan (as mine do), but you love the look of live greenery in your spaces, consider planting a cluster of various succulents in shallow gourds, oversized discs, or in tall planters to make a fresh and edgy statement as dining table centre pieces, or a wispy greeting at a front foyer.


Anything Chilewich

Anything what-a-which? You might not know the name, but you’ll most likely know the myriad of polyvinyl products this trend setting company has put out.

Loopy door mats, woven place mats, and even upholstery products… Chilewich (pronounced Chill-ee-which) is eco friendly, extremely durable, and oh so cool with their hip and chic colour combinations.

The latest Chilewich addition to our home was a stripy, loopy gray area rug at our front entry last fall.

Believe me when I say you need one of these ridiculously amazing babies, and you need it now.

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