AUXILIARY NOTES: Linen sale set for November

Peace Arch Hospital's Kwatcha group fundraiser a popular event every year

One of the volunteer groups at Peace Arch Hospital, the Kwatcha group, is having a linen sale Nov. 2-3.

This sale is so popular that it is too big to be held in the lobby of the hospital, so it is now held at First United Church on Buena Vista Avenue.

The church hall is set out with four long aisles of tables and there are lots of hanging racks which hold the linens.

The Kwatcha group was started in 1972, and after many years decided that selling linens was a good fundraiser. This is how this linen sale started. Since 1999 this small group of dedicated women have raised more than $100,000 – all donated to Peace Arch Hospital.

These ladies and their male secretary have been collecting linens since their first sale. Along with tablecloths, napkins, doilies and heritage linens, they also collect lots of hand embroidery.

They sell bed linens, hand-made quilts and some good quality collectables. These collectables include cups and saucers, figurines and good china.

This special sale takes many hours of work to assemble.

Most of the items are dropped off at the superfluity shop, where they are sorted. Many of our auxiliary members save special linens for this event.

They are then picked up by people who then have the task of preparing the items for the sale.

If you have any good linens, please call Carol Sallenback at 604-535-3090 or Gladys Laing at 604-531-1681.

All the money raised goes to Peace Arch Hospital auxiliary.

All of the linens are washed, bleached and starched before they are ironed. Everything is starched to give it a better finish.

The ironing is done by a small group, and they are always looking for more people to help with this task.

There are always lineups at the door, as people come from great distances to this sale. There are customers from as far away as West Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Abbotsford.

The sale starts on the Friday at 10 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m. The next day, it is open from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Mark your calendars and bring your friends to the Kwatcha linen sale and support Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary.

• The Kay Hogg Goodwill group is hosting another great event – the Joy of Music.

This event takes place on Thursday, Nov. 8, at the Coast Capital Playhouse, which located at 1535 Johnston Rd., White Rock.

This year, they have a quilt which has been donated by the Peace Arch Quilters.

The first prize for the raffle will be announced shortly.

Tickets – $20 each – are available at the PAH gift shop, or call Alicia Hagerman at 604-536-5634. All proceeds from these two events goes directly to the Peace Arch Hospital.

Felicity Matthews writes monthly on behalf of the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary.

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