AUXILIARY NOTES: Auxiliary spends thousands on new equipment

Fundraisers on tap to raise money for Peace Arch Hospital.

This time of the year, the auxiliary is asked to make a financial commitment for major equipment to the hospital.

We have a very thorough purchasing process in order to make sure that only the most necessary items are bought. A group of people from all the departments of the hospital meet to discuss what the most important priorities are for each department.

All of our equipment is purchased by Hospital Supply Services, a B.C. government agency. This is an agency that makes sure that all of our equipment complies to strict electrical and medical standards.

We are able to take advantage of bulk-buying discounts as often the same products are being purchased by other health-care providers.

Last year, we were able to spend just over $350,000 on equipment for the hospital. We purchase items that are used by all departments, including our residential care units.

Last year, the auxiliary purchased 50 new beds for residential care. These beds make a huge difference in the lives of our residents.

For many residents with complex medical issues, a restful night’s sleep can provide much-needed comfort. For those residents who are quite frail or spend a significant amount of time in bed, the provision of a specialized sleeping surface, such as the Isogel mattress will promote skin integrity and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

We were able to purchase a pneumatic tourniquet last year.

The pneumatic tourniquet is used for all applicable orthopedic procedures done on upper and lower limbs. It is used on a daily basis at Peace Arch Hospital. It stops the blood flow and provides the surgeon with a clear view. It can also be used to confine local anesthetic to the limb, avoiding the need for a general anesthetic.

The newly purchased tourniquet has an easy-to-clean touch screen with a large display and easy-to-use to buttons. It is smaller and lighter than the previous tourniquets we have used in the OR. This piece of equipment cost more than $18,000.

Last year, we were also able to purchase a small hand joint drill which is used for putting in screws and plates by orthopedic surgeons. This small piece of equipment cost more than $14,000. This drill has to be made up to surgical standards and is used by the surgeons on a daily basis.

Please save the date for a fashion show and marketplace which will be held on May 7 at Gracepoint Church located on the King George Highway (see page 13).

There will be fashions from Edge, Beaches Swimwear, Suzanne’s and Jenny’s, Riverside Golf and Tennis Wear and Pennington’s. This event is sponsored by the Kay Hogg Goodwill Group. Tickets may be purchased from the hospital gift shop and participating stores.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer, applications may be picked up at the Superfluity Shop, the hospital gift shop or the information desk at the hospital.

Felicity Matthews writes monthly on behalf of the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary.

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