AUXILIARY NOTES: A world of difference

New hematology analyzer purchased for Peace Arch Hospital.

Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary raises money to purchase hospital equipment and to provide for patient comforts.

This past year, the auxiliary was able to purchase a very specialized piece of equipment – a hematology analyzer.

One of the most frequent tests done in the hospital is a complete blood count. As the number of people using our hospital increases, it is imperative that we continue to provide our doctors with the timely lab results that they require. This is so important, especially for a patient in the emergency department, the operating room or in other areas of the hospital.

This new piece of equipment is more efficient and provides a broader range of results than the previous analyzer. This new technology enables the lab technologists to provide test results to our doctors aiding in a timely diagnosis. This is important, considering our active community and aging population. Decisions made quickly and accurately are truly life saving.

This machine is not only able to analyze blood, but it also can analyze other body fluids. When critically ill patients arrive at the hospital it is imperative that all the necessary information about the state of the patient is gathered quickly. Lives depend on the results of these tests.

The Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary and the Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation each purchased one of these machines for the laboratory. They are making a huge difference in the hospital and the lives of our patients.

These analyzers are connected to a wireless-support network that allows the instrument to be monitored and, therefore, initiate preventative maintenance when indicted. This ensures the analyzer is operational with the least amount of down time.

As well as having constant monitoring for maintenance, there is ongoing education for all the technologists who work in the lab. As technology constantly changes we need well-trained personnel.

It is only with the generosity of everyone in the community who support the auxiliary and the foundation that Peace Arch Hospital is able to purchase such valuable equipment.

Our next major fundraiser is the Spring Bridge Luncheon, which is sponsored by our Les Papillions. This will be held on Friday, March 11 at St. Marks Anglican Church (12953 20 Ave.). Tickets are $20 each and are sold as a table of four. Tickets may be purchased by calling Jean at 604-535-3507.

• Our gift shop in the lobby is constantly receiving new items for spring. The buyers are always looking for interesting items. We always have great flower arrangements in the gift shop made by our talented Flower Power group.

• The Superfluity Shop, located on Prospect Avenue, always has a selection of great clothing, books and household items for sale. We also sell some great furniture.

We look forward to meeting new customers.

• Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary is always looking for new volunteers. There are applications at the superfluity shop, which is located at 15163 Prospect Avenue, as well in the lobby, at the information desk.

We can also be reached at

Felicity Matthews writes monthly on behalf of the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary.


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