A young grad remembers StrongStart

Matisha was one of the first StrongStart graduates who had a very successful elementary school career and now is moving to high school

Matisha cruises through a book she remembers reading in the StrongStart program.

Matisha cruises through a book she remembers reading in the StrongStart program.

Matisha is a beautiful young girl, ready to graduate from Grade 7 at Riverview elementary school.

She began her education as a very young child in the StrongStart program. Matisha was one of the first children to attend this early learning program in 2007 and she loved it.

“I remember making giant paper pizzas, doing lots of reading and a very special butterfly story,” she said with a smile.

She had corrected co-ordinator Patty Apps who failed to use the correct term metamorphosis in the lifecycle of the butterfly. Apps was suitable contrite and also remembers that to this day.

“I loved coming and would get angry when we couldn’t come, I’d tell my mom I had to go to school,” she said.

When asked about her favourite activities, Matisha became quite animated as she spoke of the child-sized kitchen and pretending to cook.

She also admitted she still remembers the behaviour lessons learned from Apps.

“CrissCross Applesauce meant sit quietly on the floor with your legs crossed,” she said.

After about two years, Matisha’s brother joined her at the StrongStart program. It is very common to have several children from the same family in the same StrongStart classroom.

In the fall, Matisha heads to Quesnel Junior School, which will be close to the new location for App’s StrongStart program.

When she asked Matisha if she’d like to be a mentor to a child in the new location she was thrilled, “that would be so cool.”

Quesnel Cariboo Observer