Kaden Manji

Kaden Manji

A seven-year-old surrey champion helps Variety’s fundraising efforts

Specialists feared Kaden Manji would never learn to speak. Now he can.

  • Oct. 22, 2014 12:00 p.m.

Surrey’s Kaden Manji,7, is fundraising to help children who have special needs through the Variety Club’s ongoing Kid Champions program.

When Kaden was only 36 hours old, doctors discovered a hole in his heart. Specialized medication helped to correct the condition without surgery, but other problems persisted.

He was diagnosed with apraxia and specialists feared he would never learn to speak. Variety helped the family pay for expensive speech and language therapy which made a significant difference.

When Kaden was two and a half years old, he finally said his first word: “Mom.”

Thanks to early intervention and his supportive parents, Kaden is hitting milestones and accomplishing little victories every day. This is the fourth year Kaden has participated in the Variety’s Kid Champions program.

“Champions are people we look up to for inspiration,” said Bernice Scholten, executive director of Variety – The Children’s Charity.

To donate, there are Variety coin boxes in all IGA, BMO and Buy-Low locations, Variety’s website at variety.bc.ca and corporate sponsorships to raise funds through your business or by matching community donations.

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