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February 27, 2024

In Loving Memory ~

It was a year ago that I lost my wife of 44 years, Judy Rock (nee Barnes). Grief and loss is an inevitable part of life, there is no escaping it.

But nothing in my life could have prepared me for losing Judy.

She was my anchor, the person who gave my life meaning. Now I am a drift on an ocean of tears. I = am so lost without her. Tell everyone each day how much they mean to you, tomorrow is promised to no one.

I am forever grateful to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Mission Memorial Hospital for their care and compassion for Judy that last month. Nor could I forget the heroic efforts of the First Responders who tried to save Judy. It was with such hope that I got her home where she wanted to be. But all hope was lost the next morning when she suffered a massive heart attack.

We say Unto Death Do We Part in our marriage vows but those words are just words until it happens. I take some comfort in knowing that while death parted us, that someday when my time comes, her sisters, Liz and Charlotte, have promised me that I will be symbolically rejoined with Judy where we gathered as a family to spread her ashes.

Until then, she lives on in my heart and thoughts though tears fill my eyes daily. I hope that I won`t have to wait long.

"With so much love, Judy, until we can be rejoined. Robert"