West of Hell will be performing in Vernon as part of a Western Canada Tour.

West of Hell will be performing in Vernon as part of a Western Canada Tour.

West of Hell visits Vernon

West of Hell will be in Vernon Thursday, Aug. 2 at Sneakers Pub.

In the years since bands like Metallica and Judas Priest reigned supreme, the metal-genre has evolved and taken on a new sound, but one band is looking to revive the old sound.

West of Hell originated out of West Aukland, New Zealand but have since moved to Vancouver, found a lead vocalist and are now set to tour Western Canada.

The band will be making a stop in Vernon tomorrow night when they take the stage at Sneakers Pub before carrying on to Lethbridge, and Edmonton, Alberta and as far as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

After leaving New Zealand in search for a vocalist. West of Hell has been reasonably successful in Canada, and the reason is simple, a bigger population.

“New Zealand is basically too small, even for the main stream artists. The country and population is too small to support that. If you want to do anything with music you have to leave,” said drummer Andre Hulme.

After taking a leap of faith and committing to the west coast even before having a lead singer, West of Hell has been fortunate. In their search for a front man they came upon Chris ‘The Heathen’ Valagao.

Upon finding their vocalist, West of Hell also found their sound, a sound that sets them a part from other metal bands.

“We’re definitely different than a lot of the metal bands that have been around in the last ten years,” said Hulmes.

“Primarily our musical style has a lot to do with it, but I think our vocals is what really sets us a part. We have somebody that can sing at a very high level, which is something that’s not found to often these days anymore.”

West of Hell is reaching all types of metal fans with their unique style that for the most part remains uncategorized in metal.

“It’s already been tried and tested, we’ve come up with a sound that seems to be crossing not only genres of metal but also the age gaps. It’s bridging the age gap quite well with younger listeners and old-school metal-heads,” said Hulmes.

With their unique vocals and old-school sound, Hulmes hopes for a successful show tomorrow.

“I hope all the metal heads in Vernon come and check us out and that we won’t disappoint,” said Hulmes.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.


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