Volunteer: Find your volunteering purpose

A bank of computers awaits you at the Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair Consultation Café.

This Sept. 7, when you walk through the doors at Parkinson Recreation Centre between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to attend the annual Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair, you will find much more than displays.

A bank of computers will be ready and waiting at the Consultation Café.

You can take the VQ—Volunteer Quiz to answer the question: What kind of volunteer are you? The options are: Type A, rookie or groupie.

Knowing more about yourself, will make finding a good volunteer fit easier.

You can create an online volunteer profile that identifies your areas of interest. This sets you up to receive e-matches about suitable volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Check out the whiteboard map. Skill sets or competencies required by volunteer positions will be identified and nonprofit organizations will be grouped to help you navigate the possibilities.

A live Twitter feed will be available. Join the conversation using #ovof; that stands for Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair.

Learn about which volunteer positions are being filled and share your experiences as you move through the fair.

You can try your hand at the roulette wheel. Find out if you are knowledgeable enough to win a prize.

The 2013 Get Involved magazine will be released. Get your free copy and scan the volunteerism infographics.

Last year Myra Majeran sat down and enjoyed a few quiet moments. “The articles are pertinent and I love the centre fold. It’s a good read with valuable information.”

Oh, and by the way, there will be displays.

In fact there will be close to 80 organizations with information about their mission and vision for our community. They will discuss how their activities impact others for good.

They will answer your questions and talk with you about how you can fit in to make a difference.

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