VIDEO: Cavorting T-rexes run amok on Mt. Cheam

Local photographers, hikers film video of dinos running, boxing on Mt. Cheam

A dinosaur takes a quiet moment to gaze over the edge of the world on Mt. Cheam. Posted on Instagram account thebouds27 (aka Eric Boudreau) collaborating with JustABitFarther, the video of two T-rexes frolicking, boxing and enjoying vegetables in the snow found new life in Agassiz’s social media circles recently. (Screenshot/Instagram)

Someone call Jurassic Park; there are dinos on the lam.

Despite being posted about a month ago, a video from Chilliwack Instagram user Eric Boudreau (thebouds27) has the attention of social media circles in Agassiz. The video features two T-rexes running up and down Mt. Cheam, enjoying vegetables, boxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery – all to the tune of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

“Here’s hoping COVID is a thing of the past in the later parts of 2021 and we can have a big Halloween costume hike next year,” the post reads.

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This video marks one of four posts near Halloween featuring the adventurous dinosaurs, which is a collaboration between a costumed Boudreau, photographer Levi Sprangers (levisprangers on Instagram) and another local Instagram user, JustABitFarther, who was the other T-rex.

All three Instagram accounts feature sweeping outdoor shots of locales across the Fraser Valley – as well as the occasional dinosaur.

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