Teen author from Maple Ridge publishes first book, Rising Phoenix

Karina Hill started writing the young adult novel when she was only 16

(Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS)Karina Hill, 19, published her fist book called Rising Phoenix.

(Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS)Karina Hill, 19, published her fist book called Rising Phoenix.

The continent of Eurona is on the brink of war and Princess Astrid Barberi from Arcias has agreed to marry the prince of another country to end the threat.

However, Prince Julian from Noritia has plans to overthrow Arcias and Astrid finds herself fighting back for what is hers.

This is the plot of a new young adult novel by a teenage author Karina Hill from Maple Ridge.

The 19-year-old first-year European history student at Simon Fraser University started writing Rising Phoenix when she was only 16.

She started writing stories when she was 11 years old.

“I wrote a lot when I was little. Just random little stories that I never really finished,” said Hill.

“I think I wrote one about a fallen angel one time and that never got finished. Then I tried my hand at a romance thing and that is always fun when you are about 12,” she said.

Then she decided to finish the story of Rising Phoenix.

“I really liked it and my friends all really liked it. I thought I might as well attempt to publish it,” she said.

Hill finished writing the book in March, 2018 and had it published in August.

Her favourite part about writing this book was all the character development she was able to do.

“They can’t be the same person they were when the book started, they have to change at least a little bit. Comparing Astrid from the beginning of the book to the end she is basically a different person, in a good way,” said Hill.

Another reason she loves writing is that she has suffered from depression for a long time.

“It just really helps me focus on one thing,” she said.

“Rather than spending all my time not being able to do anything, it give me something to actually focus on and do,” said the aspiring novelist.

She has already started writing a sequel with a working title called Raging Phoenix.

“It takes place immediately after the first,” said Hill about the fictional continent of Eurona that has now found itself in a full-flung war.

“The first one is more political, I think, and the second one is going to be more action,” Hill said.

Hill is also trying her hand at classical fantasy. She is planning another young adult novel about medieval magic.

Her goal is to become a full-time writer but she also understands the importance of having a back-up plan.

She is focusing her schooling on becoming a history teacher.

“Back-up plans are always good,” she added.

• Rising Phoenix is available online on amazon.ca and chapters.indigo.ca.

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