The Taylor Scott Band plays Lorenzo’s Friday and Saturday, on the band’s first B.C. appearance. (Photo submitted)

The Taylor Scott Band plays Lorenzo’s Friday and Saturday, on the band’s first B.C. appearance. (Photo submitted)

Taylor Scott Band in B.C.

Taylor Scott Band is coming to B.C. for the first time in Ashton Creek

Taylor Scott Band has a rhythmic, smooth flow of keys, bass, guitar, and lyrics that leave their listeners pondering the new non-limited sound of a combination of genres.

The first album of their three EPs series Summer Moon – Songs in the Meantime, Vol. 1 was released June 1, and the other two are scheduled to follow within the next year.

Based in Denver, Colo., the band was created when singer-songwriter Taylor Scott started to search for talented individuals to join his one-man show.

“You pick your team by learning people,” said Scott.

The line-up has gone through changes, but Scott said that by getting to know band-mates on and off the stage he can keep the Taylor Scott Band at its strongest.

Taylor Scott has toured all over Canada and Europe but one place that the band has yet to play, but really wants to, is Australia.

He writes and sings the band’s music, and has expanded outside of having any one genre; instead, opting to craft together rock and roll, blues, jazz, soul, and funk.

Scott said the internet has truly changed the business of music and has muddied the water by encouraging everyone to try and become famous.

“It’s kind of a double-edged sword, everyone thinks they should be an artist,” said Scott.

It has made it more difficult for artists like Scott, who take the industry seriously, to “get by.”

One of Scott’s musical influences is Derek Trucks Band because of their juggernaut touring and live music, along with The Allman Brothers and The Meters.

Scott carries a notebook with him at all times because of the ever-possible chance of something striking a tune or lyric with him.

“It can spark a song or just the music part,” Scott said.

When writing his music, Scott said that it can take him from 30 minutes to, off-and-on writing, several months.

“It’s either an easy or grueling process.”

After his writing process, Scott will take the jam to his band and be open to their creative ideas.

They have already gone through some hiccups as a band, one being when bass player Chris Hunnicutt was turned away from traveling across another border because of a minor charge he acquired 10 years ago.

Luckily, keyboards player Jon Wirtz was able to step up and fix the problem with his A-grade playing, which also later created a new dynamic between just Wirtz, Scott, and Lem Williams on drums.

The tour is filled with places they have played before, but also locations they are visiting for the first time, such as Ashton Creek, B.C. on Friday and Saturday at Lorenzo’s Cafe.

“We just hope for people to show up, dig the music, and maybe buy some CDs.”

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