Surfin’ Safari: A daredevil grandma, swarming hornets, Pokemon Go and dumpster diving

Gun deaths in America and Canada's best burgers also make list of this week's interesting internet finds

The search for stories never stops.

The search for stories never stops.

A look at some of the stories, issues, items and videos that caught my eye this week:

Great story out of Surrey about a 94-year-old daredevil grandma.

In Langley, a crook was caught in a closet.

Andrea Rondeau of the Cowichan Valley Citizen offered up a powerful editorial, detailing why sexual assault justice is still an uphill battle.

In Nanaimo, a group of Hornets are staging a huge ‘swarm-in’.

The winning duo at the Quality Foods Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition in Parksville didn’t really have a plan when they got off the plane.

At 72 years old, Rick Thomas doesn’t hesitate to go dumpster diving for cardboard.

The national crime rate in Canada rose three per cent in 2015 — the first increase in 12 years.

Someone built a border wall around Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

An in-depth look at gun deaths in America.

Wild story detailing why a woman pretended to be high school cheerleader.

Sad tale of people stealing money from youth sports groups.

This weekly column is one of my online favourites. This time, it’s all about evil restaurant customers.

A letter from a death row inmate.

Mmmm, burgers… Where to find the best ones in Canada.

By now, everyone’s aware of the Pokemon Go craze which is captivating children of all ages everywhere. Here’s an odd tale of a teen discovering a body while playing the game.

A sad story about a pro skier who died while filming a video game.

One of my all-time favourites – a great Guy Lafleur montage.

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