Judy Plater with an eagle that she has almost completed. (SONJA DRINKWATER / SPECIAL TO THE NEWS)

Judy Plater with an eagle that she has almost completed. (SONJA DRINKWATER / SPECIAL TO THE NEWS)

Port Alberni’s Judy Plater works magic with a chainsaw

Bald eagle carving unveiled at Alberni Valley Golf Club



Judy Plater works magic with both electric and gas-powered saws.

A former resident of Ontario, Plater has been carving for more than 25 years. She and her husband Larry moved to Port Alberni four years ago to be closer to their children. Their son, Adam, lives in Port Alberni and their daughter, Teresa, lives in Alberta. Another factor was the weather on the West Coast.

So how did Plater get started with this hobby?

“My husband collected antique power saws and we had an oak log in the back yard,” she explained. “I decided to give it a try and found I really enjoyed carving. When we lived in Northern Ontario, I had many carvings in my yard, and when we sold the house the buyers insisted I leave my carvings. The same thing happened when we sold our house in Southern Ontario.”

Plater recently had her first commission in Port Alberni—a chainsaw carving of a bald eagle at the Alberni Valley Golf Club. Katy Lekich, member of the Tuesday Bridge Group, came up with the idea of having a carving put in their garden and commissioned Plater to do the job.

On March 2, Plater unveiled her majestic chainsaw carving of a bold bald eagle in the Monday Madness Bridge Group’s garden that adorns the entrance to the Alberni Valley Golf Club.

Plater is a member of both Alberni Valley Golf Club bridge groups.

“This carving is made from a cedar tree that came down on the Alberni Valley Golf Club course,” she said. “I enjoy carving nature, and have done bears, owls, herons and eagles. Finding the wood to carve has been the difficult part here.”

If you have a cedar log and can deliver it to Plater to be carved, she can work out an affordable price. Call her at 250-724-3384.

“I find that I have an idea and then the wood has another, so I go with the grain,” said Plater.

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