Mule to feel wrath of Evil Ebenezer

Hiphop artist Evil Ebenezer is coming to the Mule to share his latest album, All That Matters


Hiphop artist Evil Ebenezer is coming to the Mule to share his latest album, All That Matters.

His new album was produced by Factor Chandelier in Saskatoon, who complimented Ebenezer’s rhymes with original beats.

“We wrote the whole thing together from scratch so there’s no samples or anything,” Ebenezer said.

In the past, Ebenezer normally built his music around his rhymes, but with All That Matters, the lyrics were written more to fit the sound.

“I wanted to try something that was different and it definitely made the songwriting more challenging and interesting,” he said. “All That Matters has a lot more singing and melodic content than what I’ve done before.”

Ebenezer’s new album takes a raw look at the world, analyzing the path he’s taken and the dark feelings that come from making a career in the music industry.

“There are little moments of world issues, but mostly it’s my expression of my own personality and demons,” he said. “It’s hard to write when you’re happy all the time, and I’m able to dive into that side of my psyche creatively – those things just kind of come out of me naturally.”

He suspects that the high rate of precipitation in Vancouver, where he grew up, contributed some gloominess toward his outlook on life. But amid the overwhelming challenges that face any artist, he argues against hopeless outcomes.

“There’s gotta be something out there to believe. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. You might feel bound now and feel hopeless, but the sun will come out again and things will be okay. I’m trying to let people know to just keep fighting.”

Ebenezer said as an entertainer, it’s most important that his performances are powerful enough to build lasting memories among his audiences.

“These are the things that matter to us later on in life – so I want to make it fun and awesome for everybody.”

Ebenezer performs at the Mule on Oct. 14. Doors open at 10 p.m. and entry is by donation.


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