Movie tastes differ between the sexes

Genders come together at the concession stand at Cineplex, including Vernon's Galaxy Cinemas, for a chance to win Your Name in Lights.

Canadian men and women may agree that August’s scorching temperatures have been too hot to handle, but a survey of moviegoers tell us they have very different ideas about how they’d like to spend these steamy days and nights.

Asked by Cineplex Entertainment, which owns Vernon’s Galaxy Cinemas, to name the movie that best represents their ideal summer, 40 per cent of women chose the romance of Dirty Dancing.

Men, on the other hand, favoured the debauchery of American Pie (26 per cent).

“It’s hard to imagine two more starkly different visions for how to spend your summer,” said Pat Marshall, vice president, of communications and investor relations with Cineplex Entertainment. “It makes you wonder just how much our movie memories can tell us about what we want from life.”

Other interesting findings:

• Favourite movie genre:

Women: Romantic comedy (24 per cent)

Men: Comedy (20 per cent); thriller or suspense (20 per cent)

• Most anticipated movie of the year:

Women: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (20 per cent)

Men: James Bond: Skyfall (27 per cent)

• Favourite movie quotes:

Women:  Forrest Gump’s “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”  (32 per cent)

Men: “…Bond. James Bond.” (20 per cent)

• Best on-screen kiss:

Women: Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost. (23 per cent)

Men: Ghost (21 per cent), but also a nod to Spider-Man (20 per cent).

• Best love story:

Women: The Notebook (30 per cent)

Men: Ghost (29 per cent)

One area the genders did come together is at the concession stand. Nearly identical numbers of men (58 per cent) and women (59 per cent) identified themselves as frequent purchasers of popcorn on trips to the movie theatre.

The timing of this revelation couldn’t be better, thanks to Cineplex Entertainment’s Your Name in Lights contest.

Until Sept. 16, 2012 (while supplies last), Cineplex guests purchasing a large popcorn or soft drink can peel a tab and collect for a chance to win a Cineplex auditorium re-named in their honour for one year.

The grand prize also includes a red carpet premiere at the winner’s auditorium and free movies for a year.  For more information about the thousands of contest prizes available, visit

As part of its celebration of 100 Years of Movie Memories, throughout 2012 Cineplex Entertainment and Ipsos Reid will release monthly facts and figures about Canadians’ interpersonal relationships with the movies.

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