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Meet the artist: Castlegar Art Walk

This year marks the 21st Annual Castlegar Art Walk, featuring 20-plus local and regional artists.

This year marks the 21st Annual Castlegar Art Walk, featuring more than 28 local and regional artists and artisans at 28 venues throughout the city.

The self-guided tour is a celebration of exploration and inspiration through a variety of media and runs from June 26 until Sept. 17. Detailed maps are available at the Castlegar Visitor Centre and from venue locations.

Each week, the Castlegar News will feature biographies from the exciting artists in the show.

Mirja Vahala

Venue – Pinnacle Accounting (#6)

Artistic Medium – Paintings (Oil and Multimedia)

Hometown – Castlegar, BC

URL – www.MirjaVahalaArtStudio.com

Artist’s Bio and Statement

From the time I saw my babysitter’s sketchbook I was inspired to draw. This led to a degree in graphic design and visual arts from Kwantlen College University. After graduation I began a graphic design company which I sold after 15 years. I then established the Mirja Vahala Art Studio and in 2007 my husband and I moved from Surrey to the West Kootenay to establish Windborne B&B, which houses the Mirja Vahala Art Studio. The visuals of the Kootenays are a definite influence on how my artwork is evolving. There are several artists who have integral in helping me to improve my methods: Bonnie Roberts, Doug Swinton, David Langevin, Liz Wiltzen and class participants.

Diane Robinson

Venue – Station Museum & Gift & Shop (#1)

Artistic Medium – Gemstones & Wire Trees

Hometown – Robson, BC

Artist’s Bio and Statement

Robson artist and outdoor enthusiast, Diane Robinson is an avid rock hound and a member of the local Selkirk Rock and Mineral Club. Diane collects the base rocks for her trees, sometimes going great distances, and is always ready to go look for new specimens. She “grows” her trees from the roots up and every tree is unique. Each tree comes with a description of the powers associated with the stones used to create the tree. Trees may be custom ordered with specific semi-precious stones for birthdays and family trees and/or utilizing a special rock you have collected yourself.

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