Jess Leahey. (Submitted)

Jess Leahey. (Submitted)

Luna Infinity Forest team creating new wonder for 2019

See Peek-a-booth at this year's art festival in Revelstoke

Luna Sound, Luna Nocturnal Art & Wonder and Luna Studio are coming to Revelstoke Sept. 27, 28 and 29.

Developed by a small group of creatives and executed with the help of hundreds of volunteers, Luna redefines a city known for outdoor adventure into a cultural destination.

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Luna is a weekend-long celebration of art and energy that takes place in downtown Revelstoke each fall and features several artists that transform the downtown core into a magical landscape of lights and incredulity.

Jess Leahey is one of the artists participating again this year. She is putting together an installation with Rob Buchanan, Greg Hoffart, Leah Allison, Kelly Hutchison and Kyle Thornley.

Leahey is based in Revelstoke.

Why did you want to be a part of Luna?

I have participated the last few seasons and am blown away at the traction its gathered in our community. An art festival is something I never thought we could have here when I came over a decade ago, and to have it so widely appreciated and attended is encouragement in itself. Its become really important to me because its important for my community… I feel so lucky that it happens, I really want it to help it continue. Its been a wonderful launching point for my career, with a 6,000 plus headcount its the largest show attendance I could ever hope for living in a small town. It is super cool to have support working in a medium as obscure as temporary sanctioned street art.

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Meet LUNA Artist Jess Leahey 🔶 “All I want is deep powder, flowy mountain trails, good coffee and to be in love.” It’s not just a great sentiment. It’s also the stuff that inspires Jess Leahey’s ink illustrations. Simple, playful, and sometimes cheeky lines reflect her love for an outdoor culture that has kept her in the mountains of western Canada for the last 15 years. Jessica, a life long “doodler”, currently lives in Revelstoke, British Columbia with her husband Troy and their retired avalanche rescue dog Penny. She hopes her art will either trigger a fond memory, inspire somebody to get out and do something cool, or remind the viewer of all the things that make our natural world awesome. Join us on Sept 28 in downtown Revy to view her multi-artist installation “Peek-a-Booth” #lunaartfest #LUNAtics #artsbc #revelinluna #revelstoke

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What are you creating?

A Peek-a-booth. Its an infinity experience that viewers can peek inside a mirrored booth made out of one of the cities bandstand kiosks. Those cute little information kiosks downtown.

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What is the inspiration behind the piece/performance?

A lot comes from the location we chose. We loved these classic little pieces of Revelstoke charm that are often overlooked, we thought a gorgeous little art installation could get them scene with fresh eyes. I always felt they were so cool, they are so special and unique to here, I hope they maybe inspire some permanent art, they would make lovely displays for public sculpture.

How are you creating/making it?

Greg. Ha. Greg builds my crazy ideas. Rob is my logistic man, tactical practitioner, coach and money guy. I am painting the exterior in an infinity 2D pattern, and am the designer.

Kelly, Leah and Kyle is where our team really is going to elevate our concept this year… they will be making the interior scene. I am so excited to have these guys. Their mediums are so flattering to each other, as well as their personalities in our group. Each of them bring such delicate and profound sculpting skill to our team of 2D visual artists and builders, I don’t want to tell you to much about what they are making but I know its going to turn out so beautiful.

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How did you start creating art?

Injury. I always liked to draw but I didn’t sit down with intention to finish a piece until injury provided me the time and lack of distraction. I think time is the most underestimated investment in art. It takes hours to get better, and you need to sit and do every one of them, I’ve always been picking away at them. With installation art I feel like I started in high school working as a merchandiser at a retail store…. building a shop-able retail wall out of pre-bought merchandise takes a lot of creativity, foresight and the ability to predict a persons interactions with your display, it has some funny similarities to installation art. As a creative person art is kind of everywhere and in everything, sometimes its in organization, or decoration, or creation or even mediation in collaborative art.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Find your people, mentorship can take you to the next level and make your learning curve much easier. If you have some skill start working at it…every artist was once a beginner. Try to develop your voice, and you do that by figuring out what you want to say… it can be as simple as wanting to share a beautiful moment.

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