Maggie Davis, who performs as May Davis, is releasing her first full length album on July 17. The title track, Ticket to Ride, came out June 24 and the music video is coming on July 9. (Contributed by Zoya Lynch)

Like telling secrets: Revelstoke’s May Davis to release new music July 17

The title track One Way Ticket came out June 24

Maggie Davis’ favourite day in the studio recording her new album One Way Ticket was harmony day.

Davis, who is releasing her album under the name May Davis, learned harmonies from her mom as a kid.

“Harmonizing with yourself is really magical because you know exactly what notes you are supposed to follow,” she said.

Davis recorded the album, which comes out on July 17, in Ymir at Becoming Sound studio with Shawn Stevenson, with help from AmplifyBC’s Career Development grants.

Though she previously released an EP Denim Blues, she said the experience of actually producing beyond a guitar and vocal track was magical.

She described the album’s vibe as vintage western, like a Clint Eastwood movie with an Andrews Sisters meets Nancy Sinatra kind of vibe, which is not what she was expecting.

May Davis · One Way Ticket

The album features several never before played in public songs, some of which are very personal.

“I am a bit of an introvert, so for me to put something so personal out there, as myself, wouldn’t happen,” she said.

“But, as an artist, I’m like, you know, that feels good.”

As a kid, Davis’ mom would force her to participate in the performances she directed and Davis hated it.

After one such show, a few of the ladies in the audience said Davis should go on Canadian Idol, and she was horrified at the thought.

“Still to this day I would much rather be the one writing the songs or be a backup singer in a band,” she said.

Performing and writing her own songs is a challenge for Davis, she still gets sweaty palms when she has to go on stage, but she has found a supportive community in Revelstoke.

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“This town has something magical about it in terms of my own personal experience,” she said.

“Anytime I’ve moved to a different town I’ve either been organizing music, so not playing, or not putting myself out there. This town’s always really nurtured my music and I think that is the sole reason I feel comfortable releasing songs.”

People in Revelstoke show up, she added.

Davis released the title track for the album on June 24 with a filmed-in-Revelstoke music video coming out July 8.

The video takes a look at what Revelstoke might have been like in the ’40s, before everything was focused on the mountains and extreme sports.

“I love to ski, snowboard, climb, hike but life is not just about that,” Davis said.

Music is a way for Davis to feel connected with her family.

“Music was definitely in our house all the time, we were either playing it or playing on the stereo, it’s kind of like our bread and butter,” she said.

In particular, the song One Way Ticket was inspired by her grandfather Charlie, who was a lover of trains.

“I really feel him when I am doing this project,” Davis said.

*Correction notice: We originally published that the name of Davis’ album was Ticket to Ride, which is incorrect. The title is One Way Ticket.

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