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‘Last mango in Paris’: Zany art exhibit opens in Kelowna’s North End

The art will be displayed at Zangbell & Gill until March 15

Kelowna’s North End continues to grow with new businesses and ideas, from breweries to crystal shops to vintage stores and now an art exhibit.

“The Last Mango in Paris,” a popup digital photography and art exhibition will be held inside the unique vintage and mid-century furniture store Zangbell & Gill at 990 Laurel Avenue, until March 15.

The shop recently celebrated 10 years in the neighbourhood and co-owner Brian Gill said he and his wife have long championed local artists and were happy to spotlight Kelowna resident Darryl Andrews for his first solo public showing.

His photography is referred to as both theatrical and mysterious.

“We’ve been host to many local artists here at the store. The pandemic halted things for a while, but we’re excited for 2024,” said Gill.

Many of Andrews’ photographs feature mannequins, but as for the meaning behind the work, Gill said he is sure everyone will have their own idea about the photography.

“We all have a casket of emotions and imagination. I’m sharing mine, I hope the viewer brings theirs. What we could all agree on, is that it’s a bonkers statement. Art is many things, a chameleon of sorts, so if that’s our starting point of connection, then let’s have some fun,” explained Andrews.

While, Andrews said his inspiration can go as far back as the 1987 film, ‘Mannequin’ starring Kim Cattrall, who was a spirit of a woman from Ancient Egypt inhabiting a department store mannequin, only seen by her dresser.

“Mannequins are so similar to us in build and even with human-like faces, that in a photograph, humans and mannequins are frozen alike, so distinguishing between them, with all the filters people are using, has become slim,” said Andrews. “I like my photographs to be mini-stories, so imagine that mannequin becoming alive and leaving their posture.”

The Centre for Arts and Technology graduate’s last exhibition, Captured Images Exhibition, was the largest and longest photography exhibition in the Okanagan, held annually in the Peachland Art Gallery, according to Gill.

An end-of-exhibition event with the artist in attendance is planned for March 15, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Zangbell & Gill are open, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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