Langley resident Kyla Steele has a shot at being Maxim Magazine’s 2020 cover girl. (Kyla Steele/Special to the Langley Advance Times)

Langley resident Kyla Steele has a shot at being Maxim Magazine’s 2020 cover girl. (Kyla Steele/Special to the Langley Advance Times)

Langley resident could be the next Maxim Magazine covergirl

Kyla Steele is currently sixth place out of 48 in the online voting contest quarter-finals

Kyla Steele is a 26-year-old Langley resident who works full-time at St. Leonards Family services with high risk youth.

Steele is a full-time college student, set to graduate Criminology in October, and currently lives is a basement suite with her two “fur-babies.”

Steele is also one of the top contenders in the world right now to possibly grace the cover of Maxim Magazine as part of a 2020 contest.

“I have been modelling for fun since I was in high school,” she told the Langley Advance Times. “It was a way for me to meet new people and to come out of my comfort zone. From there, I worked on movie sets all over Vancouver and formed new connections with people where I then started getting paid for modelling gigs.”

For Steele, it was more about getting the opportunity to meet new people, something she’s been aiming to do ever since she moved to Langley with her family from North Delta in 2013.

“I fell in love with Langley and once I moved out, I stayed; and now I am currently renting in Brookswood with my rescue fur babies, a cat and dog,” Steele assured.

The Maxim Covergirl 2020 contest started May 25, and Steele applied while at work when she stumbled upon an advertisement on her run of the mill graveyard shift.

“I had a lot of spare time on my shift, so I went for it and made myself a profile. I got accepted and was very hesitant on telling anyone. I told my family and a few close friends,” Steele explained. “I didn’t want to advertise myself for votes.”

She started off in first place of out hundreds of contestants and has remained close to the top spot throughout most of June.

People now have the power to choose the winner and can vote for Steele every 24 hours by visiting

If Steele gets enough votes, she’ll also earn $25,000, which she hopes to spend on her parents by sending them away on a trip and donating a portion to the BCSPCA.

“Everyone who did know, was so beyond supportive to where I landed in first place in my group very quickly,” Steele assured. “I realized that I might as well go all out for this contest and bother people for votes because you can not do half a— jobs when it comes to anything in life if you want to succeed.”

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Quarter-finals are from now until July 16 with 48 women in the running.

If Steele makes first place in her group, then she will move on to semi-finals – competing against three other women.

The winner will be determined August 13th.

“If I don’t win the contest, this experience has helped me grow and come out of my comfort zone significantly. In my opinion, that is a win on its own,” Steele said.


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