Janessa Galbraith plays dual roles in Twelfth Night.

Janessa Galbraith plays dual roles in Twelfth Night.

Langley play sets Bard in 1950s Paris

TWU puts on a ’50s inspired spin on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

It’s a classic Shakespearian setup. Girl falls in love with boy and dresses up as a man to be near him. It results in a hilarious love triangle that has amused audiences for centuries.

Now, Trinity Western University (TWU) hosts a new version of the well-known play, taking it into the 1950s world of Paris-inspired designer fashion. Dubbed as Romance on the Runway, TWU’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture runs Twelfth Night from March 29 to April 9 at 7:30 p.m. and at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Langley resident and actress Kate Nundal is at the heart of the secondary plot line featuring the slacking and scheming administrative staff looking to have fun while their boss’s love-life unravels. The shenanigans go on as main character Viola dresses as a man to get closer to the fashion icon she is in love with. Of course the man behind the Di’Orsino label is in love with another woman (a competing designer), who falls for Viola’s male persona. It’s zipper, linen, and silken chaos.

Unlike other versions of Shakespeare set in more modern times, this production, directed by Kate Muchmore Woo sees some of the language updated to engage younger audiences as well as those less familiar with The Bard’s work.

Muchmore Woo describes the scenario in the play as, “the love triangle to crown all love triangles.”

Despite all the levels of humour and confusion in the production, there are various aspects that inspire deeper thought and exploration. Some issues around love are timeless.

“I really appreciate how the literary genius of Shakespeare, in the hands of a smart director, can make you laugh but also inspire you with a lot to think about,” said Nundal.

The April 6 performance is earmarked as a high school night with a special $10 deal including pizza, the show, and a Q&A with Nundal and fellow Langley actor, Keenan Marchand.

For tickets and further information visit www.twu.ca/theatre, email theatre@twu.ca, or call 604-513-2188.

PHOTO: Langley’s Kate Nundal plays up the slapstick with Keenan Marchand in a 50s version of Shakspeare’s Twelfth Night. (TWU photo)

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