Langley lovers prefer simple celebrations

Langley residents were asked to share their idea of a perfect Valentine's Day.

Langley lovers prefer simple celebrations

The Langley Advance asked readers to describe their perfect Valentine’s Day celebration.

The movies would have us believe that people dream of jet setting off to an exotic locale for a romantic dinner, truckloads of red roses or some other kind of grand gesture.

But readers tell us their celebrations are really centered on spending time with the people they love.

The entries were put into a draw for a $50 gift card to Pasta Polo which was won by Cathy Hebert.

My Valentine’s day this year is what I consider to be my perfect Valentine.

“My husband and I are dropping our son at Grandma’s and going to the Ryan Reynolds romantic comedy… Deadpool! 😉

Jessica Callaghan, Walnut Grove

Well, I don’t have a ‘special someone’ in the traditional Valentine’s sense, but I do have a granddaughter that I adore, so if I could spend some time with her on Valentine’s Day, that would be fantastic.

Cathy Hebert, Willowbrook

Just enjoying the day, like I do every day, with my beautiful wife, Shirley. A day at Harrison Hot springs with her wouldn’t hurt, too.

Lloyd Sawatsky, Langley

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