Johnny Canuck aims to save the day in GWG play

G.W. Graham theatre presents Johnny Canuck, a radio play of good vs evil, love, and more

Get ready for action, gun fighting, love, and the battle of good vs evil in G.W. Graham’s production of Johnny Canuck.

The play, written by theatre teacher Damon Fultz, is based on a comic strip about the Second World War action hero, Johnny Canuck. Fultz wrote the original play a decade ago when the school first opened — it was the opening play for GWG theatre.

“This is a radio play come to life. It’s that flow where we’re going from the studio into the story,” says Fultz. “I’ve always loved radio plays.”

In the play, the evil Black Bart has decided he wants to take over the valley and flood it to create a hydro-electric project. Johnny Canuck, who’s an amazing tracker who can find anyone, anywhere (he’s indestructible), has come to town with his two sidekicks Frenchy LeBeau and Rex the Wonder Dog (who can catch bullets in his teeth), to save the day and to try and arrest Black Bart.

The good guys later head to where Black Bart has centred his power, in a town called Buffalo Stabbed In The Eye Kicked In The Teeth.

Throughout the production, Black Bart, along with Belle Starr and his two henchmen, the Bruno Brothers of Boston Bar, continue to capture people (who continue to escape) all while trying to kill Johnny Canuck and Rex the Wonder Dog.

“Poor Black Bart, every time he tries to get rid of Johnny Canuck, Johnny Canuck miraculously escapes,” says Fultz. “They’re all trying to stop Black Bart, and Black Bart is trying to stop them.”

We are also introduced to the not-so-smart Sgt. Sam Steele of the RCMP (who is also trying to arrest Black Bart), his girlfriend Sally Sweetness, plus numerous other characters including those in the radio broadcasting studio.

Students from all grades are represented in the middle-high school production with a cast and crew of about 30 people.

“It’s kind of a love letter to a time that’s gone that will never come again, which is the age of radio when people sat together in their living rooms and listened to these adventure stories,” says Fultz.

Johnny Canuck runs May 24-27 at the G.W. Graham theatre. Show times: May 24, 25, and 26 at 7 p.m., and Saturday, May 27 at 2 p.m. All tickets $8 and available at the door or in advance at the school (45955 Thomas Rd.). For more info, call 604-847-0772.

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