Jack Garton and the Demon Squadron next up at Summer Kicks

This Wednesday Summer Kicks continues in Spirit Square with the high energy roots act.

The Spirit Square is going to play host to a dance party on June 21 as Summer Kicks brings in Jack Garton and the Demon Squadron. The high energy roots band plays music that will make you laugh, think and connect.

“We tell stories and have lyrics that touch people’s hearts, “Garton says. “Our band knows roots really well and it’s really hard for people to stay sitting.”

Jack Garton and the Demon Squadrons leave everything on the stage and the individual member’s unique talents form a sound that ranges from country to rockabilly.

The Demon Squadron’s music is a form of storytelling, but one of their most interesting stories may be in their name. Garton’s band is named after Jack’s Grandfather’s special ops flight squadron in World War II.

“I grew up hearing stories about the Demon Squadron. One of the things that struck me most that he told me, even up to his death, was that the men he worked with remained really close friends; they were bonded for life after that. I hoped my band would be the same thing.”

Garton says his band puts their hearts and souls into their music and Golden should expect to hear that on June 21.

“I try to write songs that are useful to people. Stories that might be interesting, or funny or familiar. We might all be from different places but we have similar experiences.”

If you want a sneak peak into the band before their show on June 21 at Spirit Square, visit www.jackgarton.com.

Golden Star