Nadine Wilson, left, and Beth McCarthy Marks will sign copies of Marks’ book The Doubt Booger at Nadine’s Fine Art and Frames Nov. 27.

Nadine Wilson, left, and Beth McCarthy Marks will sign copies of Marks’ book The Doubt Booger at Nadine’s Fine Art and Frames Nov. 27.

It’s OK to pick new children’s book written by local author

The Doubt Booger is the new children's book by Vernon author Beth McCarthy Marks, illustrated by Nadine Wilson.

His name may be icky, but the Doubt Booger speaks to the pesky effect of self-doubt and opens the way for children to have courage and go on adventures.

He’s also the name of the new children’s book by Vernon author Beth McCarthy Marks.

Published by Okanagan Publishing House, the book shows a variety of situations with the struggle between the Doubt Booger and Reality Raven.

Featuring vibrant watercolours by Vernon art gallery owner/illustrator Nadine Wilson, Reality Raven humorously keeps that old Doubt Booger on the run.

Through their interactions we learn that most doubts are not nearly as real as they seem, said Marks, adding the book is about starting a conversation.

“Remember when you were small; those little worries that gnawed on you? You never told anyone about them. This book opens up a way for young and old to share those niggling doubts – and to help shrink that old doubt booger,” she said.

Marks’ first book, How Perfectly You! (And Peabody Too!), illustrated by Pamela Cinnamon, drew rave reviews, including from notable Canadian author Robert Munsch.

The potential impact of The Doubt Booger is not lost on Okanagan Publishing House’s Jadon Ward, who oversaw the production of the book.

“Not often is it that you see a book that can entertain and engage a child while also giving them new insight about themselves,” he said. “However, The Doubt Booger is the rare story that does just that.”

The book’s profound message is brought to life by Wilson’s vivid and mischievous illustrations. Her paintings are bright and bold, and bring a smile to the face of any reader, said Ward.

“I’ve yet to have someone read this book without chuckling,” he said, “You honestly can’t. The way Nadine portrays the cheeky Doubt Booger makes it impossible not to laugh.”

However, one of the things that has also impressed Ward doesn’t have anything to do with the book’s storyline.

“From the very beginning, both Beth and Nadine were committed to showcasing multi-culturalism throughout the book,” he said. “Not only does that display an integral part of our Canadian society, it also helps young readers realize that everyone has the same doubts, fears, and ability to overcome them.”

The Doubt Booger is available in paperback or as an e-book, and can be purchased online at Barnes &, and Amazon. The book is also available in Vernon at Nadine’s Fine Art and Frames, 3101-31st Ave.

Marks will sign copies of her book at Nadine’s annual winter open house Friday, Nov. 27 from 6 to 10 p.m.


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