Anna Jauncey performed at Gig at the Gallery on Tuesday night.

Anna Jauncey performed at Gig at the Gallery on Tuesday night.

Intimate gig at the Gallery in Rossland features acoustic treat

Musicians played acoustic sets at the Gallery on Tuesday night, performing for an intimate and shoeless crowd.

It was a no-shoe affair at the Gallery on Tuesday night.

The intimate crowd sat around in sock feet, framed by two light-strung metal trees while listening to acoustic sets from musicians who were either recent Rossland arrivals or just wintering here.

Anna Jauncey, from Scotland, and Thea Champion, from Wales, organized Gig at the Gallery to take advantage of the building’s great acoustics and provide an opportunity for artists to perform unplugged.

“We came across the space through friends and met Fletcher [Quince], the guy who runs it, and I think we sang here one night and the acoustics are so great in here that we felt super excited and wanted to put something on,” explained Jauncey.

“We both felt that there wasn’t as much of a space for musicians who play kind of quieter. A lot of the open mics and stuff here that are really great are just bigger bands and jams and stuff. So we just thought the kind of unplugged, completely acoustic version might give people who maybe don’t have the balls to go to one of those nights, to come here.”

Jauncey and Champion are in Rossland for the season, as were many of the performers of the evening.

Jessie Heckel, who opened the show and performed before a crowd for the first time on Tuesday, came to the Rossland for the season for the first time this year. But she says she likes it so much she may be back next winter. David Stubbs, who closed the show and essentially composed a new song during his performance, said it would be fair to describe him as a winter resident of Rossland.

Other performers from the night are now calling Rossland home. Devin Miller, whose first album, Clouds Change, Nostalgia Stays the Same, will come out on May 13, moved to Rossland over the summer. Alisha Van Wieren, who performed a number of hilarious ditties with fellow performer Becca Jean, came for the season and now plans to stay.

Money from the door at Tuesday night’s performance went toward supporting the Gallery.


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