Joanne and Bernard Larocque (front) and Antoinette Leduc and Martin Bailey give round dancing a go.

Joanne and Bernard Larocque (front) and Antoinette Leduc and Martin Bailey give round dancing a go.

Hey guys, this kind of dancing isn’t square

Wanted: Men who can be told where to go - on the dance floor - to try out choreographed ballroom, or "round" dancing.

Brian Elmer

What if men were told where to go? That is, told where to go on the dance floor. Not in an ethereal sense, but in a directional sense, such as forward side-step, back side-step?

Perhaps the biggest excuses that men give to their partners about learning to dance is that they are not good at “leading,” as required in ballroom dancing, and that they have “two left feet.”

On the subject of leading, there’s a dance style that should be of great interest to men if they want to take their partners dancing. It’s called round dancing and it’s actually choreographed ballroom dancing.

Most notably, lessons in round dancing will take place in Vernon in January.

In round dance, nobody leads and all the couples move in unison doing ballroom steps to live cues. During the learning process, those cues are given for the man’s perspective and the woman simply dances the opposite.

Some men might call it a “no-brainer!”

The excuse about two left feet is really about feeling self-conscious upon making mistakes in front of others and looking silly. That’s easily resolved by the fact that round dance instruction is slow and easy with lots of review and everyone learns at the same time.

If your man doesn’t mind being told where to go, consider lessons in choreographed ballroom, aka round dancing. The sessions run on Sunday afternoons at 2 p.m., starting Jan. 3, 10 or 17, then continue weekly. Participants can select the date that’s most convenient.

The music is modern, the fees economical, and newcomers are ensured lots of fun.

Free refreshments follow every lesson.

Round dance teachers Peter and Stella Tennant, of Vernon, promise to offer careful, patient instruction. They have about 20 years of experience with the social recreation. Contact them to say that you plan to join the fun. Learn more online at:

The location of the dance instruction is at the Big Chief Hall, 5484 25th Ave. (in the Big Chief Mobile home and RV park). Email: for more information or phone 250-542-3568.

– Presented by the Rhythm Rounds round dance club of Vernon.


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