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Credit: Contributed

Gypsy folk band makes third trip to Okanagan

Sugar Still is back in Kelowna Aug. 20

Something sweet is coming to B.C.

Gypsy folk duo Sugar Still is back for the third time in their 18-month ongoing tour. Sarah Blick and Charlie Cheney have been traversing the United States and up into Canada since February 2016, trading stories and songs for an eye-opening exploration of America.

The international touring pair, with violin, guitar and vocal harmonies is making their third appearance at Munnin’s Post Sunday Aug. 20.


They’ve come a long way since meeting in 2015 over a shot of whiskey in a Chicago bar. They’ve produced three full-length albums including their third studio album Go released March 1.

The 10 tracks were written and recorded during their 2016 U.S. tour, each one as unique as the location where it was written.

Since starting out, their cowriting has morphed into gypsy folk; a marriage of Charlie Cheney’s roots-blues storytelling and Sarah Blick’s Classical upbringing with influences like Devil Makes Three, Stevie Wonder, Jefferson Airplane, Gillian Welch, all with ripping violin, percussive guitar, whiskey-soaked harmonies, and a signature confident vulnerability.

Find out more about their tour dates online.

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