Graham Green in a scene from Clearcut.

Graham Green in a scene from Clearcut.

Film club screens two thought provoking films Friday

The Williams Lake Film Club presents its next film this coming Friday, Feb. 3.

The Williams Lake Film Club presents its next film this coming Friday, Feb. 3.

This film will be shown at the Central Cariboo Arts Centre, starting at 7 p.m., doors open at 6:30 p.m.

We always try to bring you something special, something hard to find, something to remember.

Our regulars know that, they know it is not a good idea to miss a film. That’s it — gone.

On Friday we start our evening with a short film by BC filmmaker Jeremy Williams.

It is called: Keep The Peace – Stop The Site C Dam.

We see Ken Boon, the first farmer from a three-generation farm who had his land expropriated last Dec. 15.

It is heart breaking. I spoke to him and he told me that by Feb. 1, yes this Feb. 1,  BC Hydro will have acquired and expropriated all the land they need and start extensive logging.

I confirmed it with him once again today as I have a real problem believing that.

Our main feature is a film which was released in 1992, had a big impact but was taken off the market just as quickly.  I finally found it via Germany.

Clearcut stars  Graham Greene.

You might remember Graham Greene from the film Dances With Wolves.

As the title suggests, Clearcut deals with logging, in this case logging on First Nations land.

Deftly blending First Nations mysticism with ecological consciousness, suspense and graphic violence, Clearcut is a powerful drama of vengeance and ultimately a strong lesson not to be forgotten.

Set in the Canadian woods in Ontario, the story begins during a heated conflict between a First Nations tribe, their lawyer and a greedy owner of a paper mill/logging company that is systematically destroying the land.

When it looks as if all else will fail, a militant First Nation leader (Graham Greene) abducts the lawyer and the company owner and takes them on a wilderness odyssey.

Clearcut is a provocative film, it is amazing, it is unforgettable.

If you care, you must see it, if you don’t care, you still should see it as it is a darn good thriller adventure drama, rated R.

It was filmed in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and runs for 100 minutes. The director is Ryszard Bugajski, of Polish descent, with Graham Greene, Ron Lea, Michael Hogan, Floyd Red Crow Westerman and others.

It also features the Prayer Song by Floyd Red Crow Westerman of South Dakota.

You also will find us on Facebook under Williams Lake Film Club. We have a special page for our big event, the First Annual Cariboo Chilcotin Film Fest, which will take place on Friday, March 10, 2017, at the Gibraltar Room.

Just look under Cariboo Chilcotin Film Fest for updates.

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