Festival of Arts hosts Concert of Celebration

Concert will start at 7 p.m. at Martin Exeter Hall on June 14.

The 100 Mile Festival of the Arts is hosting their second annual Concert of Celebration on Wednesday, March 14.

Featuring a variety of entertainment, including past and current music and speech arts students, pianists, musicians, singers and composers, the Concert of Celebration continues to build on the successes seen by the Festival of the Arts.

A piper will form part of the entertainment, as well as a story written by Marianne van Osch as part of a composition project the festival has run.

The story, entitled One Day on the Cariboo Wagon Road, celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Underpinning the story will be two tubas, two pianists, one keyboard, one violin, one flute and a ukulele setting the scene.

“I’ve been calling it movie music. It’s enhancing the stories so they’ll be getting the mood across if it’s frightening, or thunder and lightening. There are all sorts of things happening in the story,” says Ginny-Lou Alexander, a Festival of the Arts representative.

Part of the Festival of the Arts this year featured a workshop on composition, in order to bolster the composition project since it started in November.

The Concert of Celebration was started as a way of celebrating the new grand piano at Martin Exeter Hall.

This year, says Alexander, they are still celebrating the piano, but also continuing to raise funds for the festival itself.

“This is a fundraiser as well as a celebration in recognition of the talent we have and the people behind the scenes who continue to provide financial support for the festival,” she says.

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. at Martin Exeter Hall and will be followed by a reception afterwards at the Valley Room. Entry is by donation.

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