Female business owners screen film on female entrepreneurs

Female business owners screen film on female entrepreneurs

Pitt Meadows business partners to screen film about the challenges women face as entrepreneurs.

A pair of local women will be screening an inspirational documentary about female entrepreneurs at the Hollywood 3 in Pitt Meadows.

Sarah Klodt and Emily Tepper, who own Geek Crossing, a community craft centre and handmade consignment store, were honoured to be contacted by the filmmaker and asked to host the event.

The movie is called Dream, Girl, directed by Erin Bagwell, and it focusses on five female entrepreneurs at different stages of their lives.

“I went to see this in January and when I saw it I wish I was taking notes because the women in it were so inspiring,” said Klodt.

The women share their experiences from being underestimated by their male counterparts to getting the courage to quit their nine-to-five jobs, the struggle to find funding for their start-ups and taking a break from their careers to focus on their families.

“It talks about the rise of women starting businesses and the challenges women particularly face opening businesses,” said Klodt, who explained the film resonated personally with her and her business partner.

The movie will first be screened for members of the Girl Guides in the afternoon followed by an evening screening open to the public.

After the evening presentation there will be a panel discussion with three female local business owners, including the owner of Windy Willows Childcare in Pitt Meadows and a co-owner of Golden Ears Cheesecrafters.

Klodt’s favourite quote from the film was made by a fashion designer who loves philanthropy work and who says, ‘when you knock on the door and it doesn’t open, you kick it down.’

“I thought, yeah, that’s how it works because not eveybody is rushing to open doors for you. There are lots of resources out there for you, for sure, but you’ve got to make it your self,” she said.

Screening of Dream, Girl takes place at 7:30 p.m. on May 4 at the Hollywood 3 Cinema in Pitt Meadows, at 19190 Lougheed Highway.

Tickets are $25, with ten per cent of sales going towards local mental health initiatives.

There will be door prizes.

• Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite.ca.

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