Earth Day contests about energy

Winning entries for the Earth Day photography and poetry contests in Maple Ridge.

The winners have been selected for the Earth Day poetry and photo contests.

Highland Park elementary’s Grade 6/7 class entered 15 poems and the Grade 4/5 Montessori students at Hammond elementary submitted 19 haikus.

Serenity Edwards was the first place poetry winner.

“The theme this year was energy. It was interesting their viewpoints what energy meant for Earth Day,” said judge Joe Robinsmith.

“Her poem talked more about what would happen if we don’t take care of the earth, if we don’t take care of our energy resources. So it struck me that it was more to the point of the theme and it seemed very emotional than some of them.”

Second place was a poem by Wilson Frempong.

“It was more about the earth and what was going to happen if we don’t take care of it. It pulls on emotional strings and it was more to the point of what we want people to think about, conserving and preserving,” said Robinsmith.

It was difficult to choose a winning haiku, he added, because he tell the students had spent a lot of time learning about energy and resources.

First place winner was Lily Bourque and second place was Sophie Lyons.

There were three winners for the photography contest.

Winning images included a waterfall at Hayward Lake by Michelle Zazulak, a rainbow by Heather Howson and a barge on the ocean by Jennifer Schultz.

“The waterfall shot really captured the energy of nature,” said judge Ross Davies.

He said that the rainbow photograph showed energy in the upper atmosphere and the ocean is another energy producer.

The winning photos will be printed and framed for the winners.

They will also be on display around the bandstand in Memorial Peace Park on Earth Day on Saturday.

• Earth Day in Maple Ridge is Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Memorial Peace Park.

Contest winners

Winning poem, by Serenity Edwards, Highland Park

elementary, Grade 6/7:


Electric gravitational pull

in every powerful swing,

danger to all wildlife who

roam near natures end.


Bugs birds bears and others

dance when the days at end,

people rest and all is well

when the electric is dead.


The days are dying for all

people who live on the

Earth’s ball.


Each time we absorb energy

we lose energy resources,

One day we will all fall at

nature’s dead end but it

obviously looks like we

we don’t care.


Second place winner, by Wilson Frempong, Highland Park

elementary, Grade 6/7:


The Earth is a beautiful yet hostile place.

The flowing rivers

the caverns that dwell

below the tall cedar trees that reach the clouds

and stand proud.


The humans crave for power

they destroy the trees

pollute the fresh water

and destroy the homes of life.

The humans must gather so much power

that they will destroy their homes

and their self.


• Winning haiku, by Lily Bourque,

Hammond elementary, Grade 3/4:


Solar sun blowing

Like a fast glow of lightning

A reduced resource


Second place haiku, by Sophie Lyons

Hammond elementary, Grade 3/4:


Please keep the Earth clean

Then the world can stay healthy

And treewise wealthy!


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