DEADLINE EXTENDED: Langley school teaching all about musical theatre

Young people interested in learning all aspects of musical theatre production can apply to the OperaTion Youth Project at the Langley Community Music School.

The deadline to apply was Jan. 20, but has since been extended to Jan. 23. Needed are solo vocalists and stage managers for a June 2015 production of three new, one-act operas as part of OperaTion Youth Project.

The stories have been writtena nd the music compositions are almost complete. Now it’s time to round out the rest of the cast and crew for shows that run this summer.

The stage manager and the assistant stage manager will be responsible for running the staging rehearsals, including some music-only rehearsals, as well as set-up and striking of the production.

The stage managers will also work with a crew and manage the run of the show. The production dates are May 1, 18, 29, 31, and June 1 to 6, with a dress rehearsal on June 4 and the performance on June 5 and 6, 2015.

Winning story entries from three young Langley writers, Jasmin Soomin Jeong (12), Lauren Trotzuk (19) and Kaitlyn Gisler (21), were accepted early 2014 and have now been developed into three short librettos with the assistance of professional librettist, Kico Gonzalez-Risso.

For the music, OperaTion Youth winning composers, David Ko (16), Samantha Lee (15), Jasmine Lee (13), Howard Chen (14), and Nathan Zemp (15), are working with professional composer, Marcel Bergmann, as well as members of the Turning Point Ensemble, to develop their musical scores.

The OperaTion Youth project is designed to encourage youth to develop their skills in musical theatre production. Applicants should be able to read music sufficiently to follow a score. Some on-the-job training may be available for those applicants with limited experience.

Interested individuals between the ages of 16 to 25 should apply by submitting a letter of intent along with a bio and resume or list of previous involvement in theatre and/or musical theatre production to Elizabeth Bergmann via email at The deadline for application is Jan. 20. Interviews will be held Jan. 24.

LCMS requires multiple vocal soloists (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) to perform these three new OperaTion Youth operas in two performances on June 5 and 6, 2015. Rehearsal dates commence during spring break in March as well as April 18, May 1, 14, 18, 21,  29, 31, and June 1-6.

Vocalists should prepare one song and/or aria for the audition.

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