Cult classic Twin Peaks hits the stage in Kelowna

New Vintage Theatre is bringing the popular '90s series Twin Peaks back as part of their live soap opera this Saturday at The Black Box.

New Vintage Theatre is bringing the popular ’90s series Twin Peaks back as part of their live improvised soap opera this Saturday at The Black Box.

The short lived series, directed by David Lynch, had way too many characters and a convoluted plot line that rivaled Lost, but what it lacked in continuity it aced in style and mood, enough so that it remains a cult classic today.

Twin Peaks is back in production for Showtime and slated for a 2017 release.  Originally on the line up for 2016, with Lynch himself set to direct, ugly creative differences with the notoriously strange filmmaker have Lynch off the project and the production is delayed leaving fans waiting.

So New Vintage Theatre decided to do their own take on the show as part of a popular improvised soap opera they run on a monthly basis.

“I guess I just couldn’t wait.  As director/writer for Kelowna’s own live and televised soap opera AS THE SUN BURNS I am always looking for kitschy inspiration.  The Twin Peaks theme is awesome for November-the show’s red, black and plaid color scheme and ’50s blues vibe was a perfect mix with the eccentric characters that populate both shows,” said Bonnie Gratz of the New Vintage Theatre.

On Twin Peaks you had a plethora of strange and unusual characters.  There was Dale Cooper, the FBI agent in love with the “damn fine coffee and cherry pie” served at the R and R Diner, a  strange Log Lady who would get advice from her log about the puzzling crimes happening in town.  There were not so best friends, a motorcycle James Dean tough and a hotel owner with a strange past, too.

In AS THE SUN BURNS they also have our own motley crew of cult characters, over 20 of them-a bordello/spa operator, a disgraced politician, a murderous beauty queen, hotel heiress and a bit part actor who pretends to be so much more. Instead of being set in Twin Peaks, Washington; “5 miles south of the Canadian border, 12 miles west of Idaho” the series is set in Kelowna.  The local show stars our own t.v. personalities, radio hosts and notable theatre actors in town of all ages.

New Vintage invites everyone to their own R and R Diner, complete with One Eyed Jack, blues music and Agent Dale Coopers’ favourite “damn fine cherry pie and coffee” will be served up for free with every ticket purchased. Audience members are encouraged to dress in red, black or white to truly get the Twin Peaks experience.

“Maybe some will even bring their own log to talk to or don an eye patch”, said Gratz.

Don’t wait until 2017 to get your Twin Peaks fix-step out of the fog and come out to this fun show this Saturday night.

AS THE SUN BURNS-The Twin Peaks Episode is on Sat. Nov. 7 at 7:30pm, The Black Box Theatre. Advance tickets, $20, available from or at the door, $30 (cash only).  New Vintage Theatre Members get 2 for 1.

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