Central Cariboo Arts Centre survey begins

The 2016 Arts Centre user survey is now up and running, at centralcaribooarts.com.

By Brandon Hoffman

Special to Tribune/Advisor

The 2016 Arts Centre user survey is now up and running at centralcaribooarts.com.

The Central Cariboo Arts Centre has been in full swing since 2010.

This was when the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society (CCACS) took charge of the building on behalf of the City of Williams Lake and the Cariboo Regional District.

The Arts Centre provides a home to the Cariboo Arts Society, Williams Lake Spinners, Weavers, and Fibre Artists Guild, and the Cariboo Potters’ Guild, and offers two great rental spaces for events in the heart of Williams Lake.

Earlier this year the Community Arts Council of Williams Lake moved their office into the Arts Centre, further solidifying this funky old building as the central nervous system of Arts and Culture in the Cariboo.

In 2014 we launched our first official Arts Centre user survey, and the public participation was fantastic.

The wealth of information gained in the process gave us terrific insights into what was working smoothly at the Arts Centre, and more importantly, what areas needed attention.

The Central Cariboo Arts Centre is a truly unique facility, so feedback from our community is the strongest resource we have to make sure we’re on track.

The time has come that we reach out to the public again, to help ensure the Arts Centre is operating as smoothly as possible.

Those who belong to our tenant groups, have rented the space for events, or have attended events at the Arts Centre are encouraged to fill out this quick five minute survey.

Following suggestions from our tenant groups, we have chosen to conduct the 2016 survey with the help of an outside party.

We are pleased that Paul Gravett Consulting will be facilitating the process, and hope his assistance will help us stay as objective as possible.

It’s been years in the making, but we’re slowly getting past one of our greatest hurdles.

Through years of nagging at our tenant groups and renters, we are finally starting to shed the label of “the old fire hall.”

This term, as tempting as it may be, (who are we kidding, there’s an antique firetruck parked in front of the building!) brings much confusion to our clientele, as well as the current, actual firehall.

We are thankful that the community is finally getting to know us by our real name, or in its short form, as the Arts Centre.

Once again, the survey is located at centralcaribooarts.com.

Brandon Hoffman is the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society, Arts Centre administrator











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