Bizarre Review: Moon will give you chills

This movie will mess with your psyche.

Bizarre Review: Moon will give you chills

This movie will mess with your psyche.

Moon follows the life of Sam Bell, an astronaut who works on the moon, harvesting energy and sending it back to Earth. It seems like a typical Sci-Fi movie at the beginning, but then things start to get weird.

Without giving too many details away, let’s just say that Bell learns a lot as he starts uncovering some mysteries about his life while he tries to get off the moon.

Since everything is set on the moon, it has that poetic zero gravity that gives everything really graceful movements, and gives you time to think “what the heck is going on here,” on multiple occasions.

There were a lot of reflective moments in the movie that left the viewer with a lot of time to think, and there were a handful of tear jerking scenes as well.

All the while, the countdown goes on to escaping this space station on the moon, and going back to Sam Bell’s “life on Earth.”

Unfortunately, the end of the movie comes a little too soon. I wanted to keep watching and see where the next chapter lead, but it ended on a pleasant note at least.

The movie came out in 2009, so it is a bit older, but the graphics are great and the computer art was well put together. Even though there wasn’t a very large set to this movie, the producers did a good job of not making it look cheap. The attention to the small details helped make the movie feel more genuine, which in turn just made it feel more spooky.

Everything from the computer controls, to the AI computer assistant, to the big utility vehicles Sam Bell drives on the moon, and the harvester, that is busy slowly working away out in the fields of moon dust feels like a futuristic possibility.

This movie gave me just the right amount of the creeps, and also made me feel sorry for the only character. I’ll give it 9 out of 10 popcorns.

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