The Cheam Vista Classical Concert Society presented the celebrated ensemble, A Touch Of Brass.

The Cheam Vista Classical Concert Society presented the celebrated ensemble, A Touch Of Brass.

A Touch of Brass uplifts all in attendance for a special evening

The Cheam Vista Classical Concert Society presents another stunner for audiences in Agassiz with their latest concert

The Cheam Vista Classical Concert Society audience’s combined will-power and emotionally uplifted pre-concert attitude has helped “A Touch of Brass’s” artists to overcome the many challenging circumstances they’ve met on the road to their performance in Agassiz on Mar. 2.

An additional bit of time prior to the concert start-up was dedicated to the highly anticipated Lions Club presentation of a $1000 grant to the CVCCS by Bert Hooper.

This gift will undoubtedly stay in the memories of all attendees as an act of both the Lions Club generosity and their recognition and honour of the CVCCS’ role in the cultural life of local communities. In his speech, Hooper, who is also a member of the CVCCS, made a parallel between the social influence of Lions International and the CVCCS in a sense that both societies act as carriers of universal languages which unite people around the world – Lions as the social language and the CVCCS as the language of music, which reaches the hearts of people everywhere.

The celebrated A Touch of Brass ensemble exalted in its performance, filling up the hall with its instruments’ magnificent sounds of multiple colours and timbres, skillfully executed by the artists, each of whom was expressing his own artistic character and personality. Quoting the words of Jeremy Berkman, the ensemble member, the concert was “held in a church with fantastic acoustics – a very engaged audience of all ages – and a team of volunteers that organized the concert incredibly well.”

The CVCCS’s next, The Elmer Iseler Singers’ concert will be presented on Apr. 26 at 7 p.m.

Meanwhile, the Society will continue to encourage everyone interested in subscribing to the Society’s next season to put their names on the list, since the seats are limited and those first on the list shall have the best chance. For more information please contact:


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