Young: New era for women entrepreneurs

It seems I continue to discover new tidbits of revelation in the years since I started this column.

I have written in the past about the astonishing positive record of women entrepreneurs in this great nation of ours.

But, it seems I continue to discover new tidbits of revelation in the years since I started this column. Female entrepreneurs account for about one-third of all entrepreneurs worldwide. I never would have guessed that number to be so high.

It is further predicted, through statistical analysis, that by 2025, that percentage will jump to 55 per cent. Staggering.

Women are considered to be risk-averse.

Yet, compared with men, women were found to aspire more to running their own company than achieving high position within a company or firm.

My research has told us is that women entrepreneurs are twice as likely as their male counterparts to ventures following big life changes such as ill health, divorce or moving.

Funny thing is women are supposed to have less self-confidence and less experience in self-promotion than men. Although I tend to agree with those assertions, this isn’t really an advantage of magnitude when being self-employed.

One does need loads of resilience and courage, and a darn good dose of self-confidence just to keep going with strong deliberate focus in your entrepreneurial venture goals. Despite the inherent struggle, women entrepreneurs continue to have enough motivation and drive to shut down the inner negatives voices and go for their “dream machine” just the same.

So what, you ask, attracts women that are not risk-averse to get into this new game of life entitled entrepreneurship?

Or are they still risk-averse, but there are merely just other attractions?

Many find themselves attracted to choosing their own venture tasks, or following their passion.

Others can be  strongly motivated working with many different clients as opposed to working within one corporate culture. I have two daughters with that mindset.

Female entrepreneurs are also attracted to making their own decisions without having to go through an authorization process to implement an idea they hold special during their work performance.

One only has to become absorbed in the plethora of media tech tools we are presented with to note that female entrepreneurs are more attracted to launching their own venture due to the lack of flexibility with their employers or due to hitting the  “glass ceiling” or the “sticky floor” controlled by men.

More and more, women are being drawn toward being their own boss, in part, due to the various options of help and assistance currently available to them.

Here’s a few examples of that help and advice:

• numerous self-help books, magazines and electronic materials;

• companies that sell “how to” assistance

• coaching, a novel journey for female entrepreneurs

• female/womens networking entities, clubs, associations such as our Women’s Enterprise Centre; and

• the spirit of collegiality that thrives when women entrepreneurs come together to share experiences with one another

So, have we moved into a new era of female entrepreneurs? The overall trend seems to indicate that in spades.

Everywhere I look in this wonderful Okanagan landscape, I meet women entrepreneurs of all facets and it is truly an enjoyable experience learning of their creativity and positive spirit to succeed.

The trend may, in fact, be speeding up as we are finding more and more role models and  an enhanced infrastructure for women venturers.

So then, the question is posed: How do you keep your female talent happy so they leave you for a solo career highway?

Reality that sets in acknowledges that women entrepreneurs need to be lauded for their increased utilization of modern technology, increased investments, finding niches in the export market and creating sizable employment for others—indeed, setting the trend and highway for new female entrepreneurs entering the marketplace.

While women entrepreneurs have demonstrated their potential in our societal economy, the fact that does remain is they’re capable of contributing much more.

Their entrepreneurial potential is almost limitless. I believe and we need to formulate appropriate strategies to stimulate, support and sustain their efforts in this direction. Then, stand back and watch out!

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