Selkirk Signs President Hans Mehrle (right) with employees in the Channel Letters Department

Selkirk Signs President Hans Mehrle (right) with employees in the Channel Letters Department

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Selkirk Signs of Cranbrook is this month's Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce featured business

Barry Coulter

Cranbrook’s Selkirk Signs has a big economic footprint, at home and abroad. And it is this month’s Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce featured business.

Hans Mehrle, President of Selkirk Signs, has been with the company since 2005. His partner Barry Nadain has been with Selkirk Signs since its founding in 1984.

The company, which creates signage large and small, of all types, has a national trading area, and does roughly $10 million in gross revenue a year. But it’s commitment to quality, customer service and community is what makes it’s value especially high, Mehrle says.

“The number one reason we bought this company was that it was built on quality — a high reliance on quality and customer services was what propelled me into the industry. I knew we could build on this. “I’m proud of our quality, and to be part of this community. We are extremely lucky to be be able to do this in Cranbrook.”

With more than 50 employees, Selkirk’s contribution to the local economy is significant. But it’s market area is huge — all over Western Canada, into Ontario, and even out to the Maritimes/Territories, and their clients include some big corporate names.

“You’ll see our craftsmanship on Kal-Tire, FasGas, CO-OP, 7-11…” Mehrle said. “You’ll see our signage on a broader basis all over Calgary.”

Selkirk Signs has a strong presence in Calgary, where it maintains a sales and installation office with a workforce of 16 employees. The product is manfactured in Cranbrook, shipped, and installed on site.

Elsewhere across Canada, Selkirk operates with various sign agents who do the installation.

The company originally made its mark with fluorescent illuminated corporate signage. In the last five years LED (light-emitting diode) has been the pace setting change for illuminated signage.

In manufacturing terms, Selkirk’s 22,000 sq-ft plant on Patterson Street West in Cranbrook, off Cobham Avenue, is comprised of a welding department, metal forming department, painting department, a channel letter department working with computer controlled equipment, and a large graphics department which includesvinyl applications of all kinds and digital printing and numerous types of vinyl applications.

Products include illuminated and non-illuminated signs, fascia’s (signs painted on or attached to an exterior building wall), channel letters, vinyl signs, pylons (elevated signs), vehicles wraps, infinite possibilities for custom designs, canopies for gas stations, and electronic messaging boards — the latest one which is being made for the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook.

See more information at Selkirk Signs’ website:

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