Pitney Bowes, Redwoods team up for Earth Day

In an effort to enhance a local Langley green space, Redwoods Golf Course and Pitney Bowes have teamed up to combat global warming in celebration of Earth Day (April 22).

As one of Langley’s designated green spaces, Redwoods golf course is preserved by the Township of Langley, but this year, the two businesses are using Earth day to make a difference in the community’s recreational areas.

Pitney Bowes, which specializes in facilitating business communication needs, and Redwoods teamed up yesterday (Thursday) to work on improving the grounds area by the golf course by adding to its greenery and maintaining what is already there.

The Redwoods staff will plant new trees, clean and repair the grounds with the help of the Pitney Bowes staff.

As a home to more than 70 unique species of birds, Redwoods trees play a part in the bird population of the community.

The staff will be working on cleaning and repairing the bird houses that house some of these species.

Once the trees and bushes around Redwoods shed their leaves and fall to the roadside on 88 Avenue,  they cover the garbage that litters the side of the road, leaving it covered for the winter months.

Now that winter is finally over, the leaves will be cleared by the hard-working staff of Redwoods and Pitney Bowes.

Langley Times

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