#Mom campaign gives boost to Maple Ridge eateries

Mayor sees social media challenge for Mother's Day as a win-win

Maple Ridge’s mayor hopes a social media challenge will prove a win-win this Mother’s Day weekend.

Last month, the City of Maple Ridge issued a challenge to encourage local food and beverage businesses to come up with a ‘Mother’s Week’ special and promote it through local social media channels using the hashtag #mealsformomMR.

The hope is that this challenge will allow people to find a creative way to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020, while supporting local businesses that have been struggling during this difficult time, said Mayor Mike Morden.

“They are the heart of our local economy and we hope you will make them part of your weekend celebration,” he elaborated.

“This has been a strange time for all of us. As we come into the Mother’s Day weekend, I want to take a moment to thank all Maple Ridge moms for everything they have done while we have been hunkered down trying to flatten the COVID-19 curves,” Morden elaborated.

“I also want to acknowledge those who haven’t been able to visit their moms or grandmothers in care homes. There is nothing so healing as a hug from Mom.”

As many people near their eighth week in self-isolation or at least respecting limited contact, this week’s news that the province is rolling out it Restart BC Plan in phases offers some optimistic for many local employers and employees.

It offers a light at the end of the tunnel. The news is also being welcomed by many estranged family and friends who will soon be able to come together again.

“We are getting much closer to that hug we have missed so much,” the mayor said. “Let’s continue to follow Dr. Henry’s advice on being kind, being calm, and staying safe.”


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